Video Press Release




Introductory Video Press Release Production Special only $500.



Up to 15 minutes in length (30 minutes only $850 )

Includes 1 Digital Video 3 chip camera stationary shoot.

Four title pages such as company name, speaker name, product or     topic title along with date and time, and contact information.

Incorporate up to 3 images of a product provided to us in your    presentation

Web encoding for streaming video at 256K, 512K, 700K speeds for     windows media player and realplayer.

Uploading of video files to your web server.

Any travel and lodging expenses for locations greater than a 60 mile     radius from Washington D.C. to be paid for by client.

To obtain these rates projects must be paid for in advance before     09/12/2008


  Additional Services.



 Hosting of streaming web video

Additional shooting & encoding time

The addition of music tracks to your presentation

Web encoding at custom speeds or additional codecs (such as     quicktime, flash6 etc.)

Additional cameras for multiple angles used in post-production

Special effects for titles and/or video

Mastering of your presentation on a business card CD, full-size CD,     or on DVD.

Virtual Sets

Stereoscopic 3D Video Production

EventStream production*





Our EventStream production offers exciting new potential to link streaming video to web content. Powerful streaming media images can now be tied dynamically to sales, marketing, and educational materials on your site. "Buy Me!" links and user-directed branching video can dramatically enhance your online presence and create new revenue opportunities. Trigger Macromedia® Flash™ or Macromedia Shockwave® animations, Java scripts all from a streaming video presentation.


*Video-On-Demand (VOD) Distribution:

If your event does not need to be broadcast live, or if you have a program already pre-recorded and want to distribute it over the web, contact us about Video-On-Demand. By encoding and storing your programs on the Internet, it allows your users and the media to access the program at their convenience.


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