Virtual World System Application Samples



Imagine playing various musical instruments that only exist in the computer by moving your hands and fingers through the air. Dance and play to the beat of a drum even if it really isnít there. For Instance, see yourself floating above clouds with a harp beside you. Strum the harp and hear it! Any part of your body can be used as a paint brush creating original works of art.



Play pinball and many other games in ways never conceived of before. Pinball takes on a whole new dimension when your body and even additional people use their bodies to control the movement of the ball. You can even toss the virtual ball back and forth between players.



By becoming part of virtual simulations,  students who usually have a passive learning role become very active, full of excitement, and fun! Students can pilot spacecraft to different planets, orbit and see actual NASA footage and facts about them. A virtual blackboard can be used to teach language. Words can become animated characters that truly demonstrate their meaning.



Allow employess to step inside of learning and traning modules; create memorable business charts for presentations that the speaker can step inside of and interactively control live as they appear on large monitors for the boardroom or a larger audience to watch.



The Virtual World System is the perfect control and feedback device for numerous medical and disability applications. A wide range of physiotherapy and testing procedures can be enhanced as the body gets instant real-time audio/visual cues to its movements. One can even use it to control oneís external environment from lights to telephones and a/v components.



Step through the video camera into the telephone of the future and control animated worlds in a distant city or combine the video signals of multiple locations and bring people in separate cities into one environment where they can play , challenge one another,  hold virtual interactive board meetings, or be educated together.



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