OpenInsight, Revelation, and Advanced Revelation services include:

Custom Application Development & Design

Revelation database to Openinsight upgrade consulting

Application Migration

Openinsight Data Import/Export

Application Maintenance

System Development

Needs & Workflow Analysis

Openinsight integration with other databases such as MySql, SQL, Oracle, Access, Notes etc..

Internet communication between OpenInsight and other tools such as AI Assistants, Web APIs, Google Maps, Geocoding, PHP, IP Sockets, IOT Devices, etc..

Intelligent agent technologies

Voice Recognition integration and text to speech output

Graphical display of report results

Data Mining

Data Warehousing

Business Process Analysis

OpenInsight gateway to augmented reality applications

Convert/Export data from Revelation/Openinsight to SQL, Access, MySQL, Oracle, Excel, Google Sheets, Word, and other systems

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