Why Clear Star International?


Clear Star International provides software development, consulting, training, support, and hardware recommendations.


We use highly advanced application software development tools which will decrease the project development time and related costs, as well as, allow rapid modification of the system in the future.


The advanced applications tools will further reduce the overall cost of a system by reducing user training time and future software maintenance costs when compared to that of systems developed using conventional tools.


Clear Star International is an acclaimed leader in the use of advanced application environments on various operating systems and hardware.

We have access to experts in the fields of leasing, hospital management, pharmacy inventory, accounting process control, CAD/CAM, CGI, robotics, optical disk storage, local area networks, mining and many other industries.

We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of business, federal, commercial, and industrial computing.


Our communication experience spans many forms from simple dialup, wireless, VPN,  Video/Virtual conferencing, interactive websites, including the exchange of data between various systems.


We are one of the first consulting firms known for the practical use of advanced techniques like artificial intelligence in business, engineering, and manufacturing software, integration of unrelated software environments into a single software solution and development of highly specialized computer interfaces including voice response, intelligent agents, and robotics.


Our goal is to take the mystery out of automation and use it to enhance your productivity.


We believe in having our clients directly involved in the software development process.


We believe that teamwork and free-flow of exchange of information and education leads to successful alliances.


We can conduct a “needs analysis” to determine areas in your company or organization that can benefit from computer automation.